Thursday, December 3, 2009

The plot thickens...

A few weeks went by and we fell into a routine, we'd work a bit...go to his 
hotel room...and make love for hours at a go...
I was insatiable and shawn was game...
I once believed those endless sex scenes in the movies were just make
believe until shawn came along. He would go on and on till I begged him
to stop.

There was a day after a particularly raunchy session (before which we
made it to the door) I stood up and was walking past him to the
bathroom when he
grabbed me and started tickling me, I laughed,
screamed and begged him to stop,

I was still laughing when he turned me over and drove deep inside me...
gasped!..he was taking me slowly from behind and squeezing my nipples
with each was awesome, I loved the spontaneity of it...
It was after this that
Shawn made an announcement that changed
the course of our relationship..for
He told me he was getting married!
He said he loved this woman but since

he "fell" for me he didn't have anytime for her...he said the guilt was
him up inside, he had to tell me...
He didn't know if he could go on without her

finding out...
I responded to this with a mixture of relief and amusement, I

told him it was okay and
that I didn't expect him to marry me anyway...

we went back to work after that,
he was a bit uncomfortable at first but he got over it

soon enough, our friendship was budding...
I even got to meet his wife-to-be,

she was quite pretty...
it just makes you wonder why men do the things they
this romance with shawn awakened me to the fact that I
needed some male
I was glad that I was finally ready to date ...but I still needed

a no-strings attached relationship...or so I felt...but all wasn't over yet
between Shawn and I yet, we had one final encounter..

It happened two months after his announcement...
we had quite a brother/ sister
relationship going though
I knew he was still fond of me...on that day we had to

meet a client of ours at the civil department,
but we had our wires crossed and

ended up waiting in the near deserted building for our client to show,
needed to use the bathroom,
so I took him to it cause I was more familiar with

the building setup...

I was waiting for him at the balcony close to the convenience,
trying to get the client on the no avail when Shawn came
up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist
and gently drew me to himself,

pressing me against his body and growing erection...
before I could say a word...he turned me around and kissed me long
and deep and I was aroused
to my surprise he started to drag up my skirt...I tried pushing him

away cause I was so scared we'd get caught...
but shawn is so much stronger than
he hiked my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and thrust deep into me...
moaned...had to grab the balcony for support...he kept going harder and

I had to put my hand over my mouth but the moans kept escaping...It
was so exciting...the fear of being caught and the sweetness of the
love making
was a heady combination...
suddenly we heard footsteps...I pushed shawn away,

dragged down my skirt and put my phone to my ear...shawn ran into the
convenience...I turned to see who was coming...
it was our client...the meeting
went on as planned...
when the meeting was over...we shook hands and said our

goodbyes...I caught our client Mr Roberts...looking at shawn...
he caught my eye
smiled broadly and winked at me!...
...did he see anything?....damn