Thursday, December 3, 2009

The plot thickens...

A few weeks went by and we fell into a routine, we'd work a bit...go to his 
hotel room...and make love for hours at a go...
I was insatiable and shawn was game...
I once believed those endless sex scenes in the movies were just make
believe until shawn came along. He would go on and on till I begged him
to stop.

There was a day after a particularly raunchy session (before which we
made it to the door) I stood up and was walking past him to the
bathroom when he
grabbed me and started tickling me, I laughed,
screamed and begged him to stop,

I was still laughing when he turned me over and drove deep inside me...
gasped!..he was taking me slowly from behind and squeezing my nipples
with each was awesome, I loved the spontaneity of it...
It was after this that
Shawn made an announcement that changed
the course of our relationship..for
He told me he was getting married!
He said he loved this woman but since

he "fell" for me he didn't have anytime for her...he said the guilt was
him up inside, he had to tell me...
He didn't know if he could go on without her

finding out...
I responded to this with a mixture of relief and amusement, I

told him it was okay and
that I didn't expect him to marry me anyway...

we went back to work after that,
he was a bit uncomfortable at first but he got over it

soon enough, our friendship was budding...
I even got to meet his wife-to-be,

she was quite pretty...
it just makes you wonder why men do the things they
this romance with shawn awakened me to the fact that I
needed some male
I was glad that I was finally ready to date ...but I still needed

a no-strings attached relationship...or so I felt...but all wasn't over yet
between Shawn and I yet, we had one final encounter..

It happened two months after his announcement...
we had quite a brother/ sister
relationship going though
I knew he was still fond of me...on that day we had to

meet a client of ours at the civil department,
but we had our wires crossed and

ended up waiting in the near deserted building for our client to show,
needed to use the bathroom,
so I took him to it cause I was more familiar with

the building setup...

I was waiting for him at the balcony close to the convenience,
trying to get the client on the no avail when Shawn came
up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist
and gently drew me to himself,

pressing me against his body and growing erection...
before I could say a word...he turned me around and kissed me long
and deep and I was aroused
to my surprise he started to drag up my skirt...I tried pushing him

away cause I was so scared we'd get caught...
but shawn is so much stronger than
he hiked my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and thrust deep into me...
moaned...had to grab the balcony for support...he kept going harder and

I had to put my hand over my mouth but the moans kept escaping...It
was so exciting...the fear of being caught and the sweetness of the
love making
was a heady combination...
suddenly we heard footsteps...I pushed shawn away,

dragged down my skirt and put my phone to my ear...shawn ran into the
convenience...I turned to see who was coming...
it was our client...the meeting
went on as planned...
when the meeting was over...we shook hands and said our

goodbyes...I caught our client Mr Roberts...looking at shawn...
he caught my eye
smiled broadly and winked at me!...
...did he see anything?....damn

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New beginnings....Pt 3

It was the most improbable thing!..

In the history of the company such a thing had never happened...Shawn was transferred from his substation to the head didn't end there..we would be working closely in monitoring the other supervisors...I received this news with mixed feelings...I enjoyed his lovemaking but could we really work together without people catching on that we were "screwing around"?..well, It was out of my hands...the first couple of weeks saw us settling down to a work routine...but we didn't get chances alone unlike we didn't have any sexual encounters until we were given a new regional head...the date for his visit came and boy! Was I running late!...

I came in when everyone was already seated...I managed to get a seat I looked up and our eyes breath caught in my throat.. I was looking at the sexiest man I had laid eyes make matters worse he smiled...I swear my heart skipped a beat..I was mesmerized...suddenly I had this feeling like I was being watched...I glanced across the room and my eyes met Shawn's...his expression was like none I'd ever seen before...he looked like he would skin me alive if he got the chance...the meeting ended and my boss introduced Shawn and I to our regional head..Eric Johnson...when he took my hand I could have sworn he held unto it a bit longer than usual but I couldn't be sure...I could feel the heat of Shawn's gaze...I just prayed he wouldn't embarass a such babies..

We had a meeting with one of our clients for later that evening..and since it was a long drive out the company got us rooms in the a guest inn close to the venue....throughout the meeting shawn was so could cut through the tension with a knife...the meeting ended and we were in the car on our way to the guest inn when Shawn turned to me and said in a barely audible voice "so are you going to fuck him too?"...I was appalled..I didn't say a word...the last thing I wanted was to exchange words with him in the presence of the the time we got to the hotel I was livid!..I stormed to my room...he jogged to catch up..calling out my name...I almost ran to my room opened the door and had almost shut it behind me when he pushed it open marched in locked the door and turned angrily to me..I was so angry I charged at him..he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall..I must admit I was a bit scared but my eyes were spitting venom...he stared at me, his body trembling with barely concealed rage..all of a sudden rage turned to desire..he kissed me long and hard..initially I struggled but I eventually gave in...he practically tore my clothes off and I returned the favour...soon we were naked..he carried me over to the bed, he dumped me was obvious his anger was returning, he yelled at me..said I have been avoiding him and that I was just using him to slake my lust..he suddenly burst into tears...I was amazed..and very amused, I couldn't believe this 6ft 3 hunk was crying because I didn't pay him attention...things went downhill from there...needless to say..nothing happened that night..

I was quite disappointed.

.......To be continued.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New beginnings Pt 2

The next day I made up excuses.. reasons why I couldn't accompany him to the airport as was our usual custom....shawn left and things went back to normal...days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and another quarter was here..all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks...I was looking forward to his return!..I was mortified...what in heaven's name was wrong with me?

A week went by and I walked into my office one morning and guess who I found sitting on my table...Shawn! was like I was seeing him for the first time..he was actually more good looking than I thought and he was sharply dressed...I'm used to working under "pressure" I didn't miss a beat..I said a polite but formal good morning and asked him how his trip was ...blah..blah..blah...all the while I was trying to come to terms with how I felt...I was so excited...but I managed to keep my feelings in check, and he was a perfect gentleman..he never made a move or mentioned what happened the last time he was in town...everything was back to normal...or so I thought...till the day I met with an unfortunate accident...I have a passion for heels and have managed to acquire them in every conceivable color, so that fateful evening we had just arrived at his hotel, we were in such a hurry to get the elevator doors before it shut that we didn't notice the wet floor sign...I slipped and fell..I smacked my head on the marble floor and was out like a light!..

I woke up with my head pounding and Shawn's face inches away from mine..of all the things that could have crossed my mind at that moment all I could think of was how much I wanted him to kiss eyes were glued to his lips..he helped me sit up.. And asked how I felt...he went on to tell me that my head was a bit swollen but I had no cuts..all the while I was silent..watching him..drinking in his masculinity and realizing how I had missed a man's touch..I don't know if he read my mind or my eyes revealed too much...he just grabbed me, he kissed me hard and was magical!..I kissed him back with such probably scared him...we tore our clothes off each other...his hands were butt...and deep inside me..I moaned with had been too long and it looked like the drought would finally be over... He picked me up like I didn't weigh a pound...and carried me off to bed..he lay me down and stood there looking at me...I was slightly embarrassed by his intense gaze..he then went on to tell me how beautiful I looked and how he couldn't believe this was happening...I looked at his was huge!..I just prayed he'd know how to use it...suddenly I was feeling very bold..almost wanton..I got up..stood on tiptoe and kissed him..he almost growled..he lifted me up and with my legs wrapped around his waist he rammed into me hard..I screamed..the sheer pleasure almost drove me insane...we went on and on..long into the night.. It was like I was making up for lost time...I moaned..yelled..urging him.."harder, harder" and like a trooper he gave it to me just how I wanted it...he was an amazing lover... it was truly memorable!

Reality hit early the next I hurriedly dressed up I questioned my sanity...I've never believed in office only consolation was he was from our foreign substation...nothing could have prepared me for what happened next!

......To be continued........

Monday, August 17, 2009

New beginnings....

I'm a 5ft 7inch beautifully proportioned african woman..I can say I'm beautiful with absolutely no guile because I've been told this all my life...but beauty obviously doesn't count for much in the affairs of the heart..I'm an ex-wife and this is just one in a series of stories...the stories of my life...

I live in western africa...if you know anything about africans you'll know that society is unkind to the divorced in this I mean the women in particular...I have lived a very private life, having at each point in time as few friends as to a large extent I've been shielded, this story is about a dalliance I once had..before I start I'll have to state categorically that I still believe in love and I truly believe that my prince charming will soon come knocking...that said we can get back to the story...I'd like to call this part of my life new beginnings....

I work with an international organization that has foreign outlets..which we call substations..these substations are managed by job was to liase with these supervisors...there was one in particular that my friends referred to as "the boyfriend"...we had quarterly meetings that often went on long into the night...I can honestly say I didn't realize he was attracted to me in any way, a typical day started with us having a coffee in the company car on our way to the office...where we'd have a series of meetings and the day often ended in us having dinner..which was more of a debriefing than was on an evening like this in his motel room that he made a move on me...he grabbed me by the waist, pressed me against himself and kissed me! this point I think I should describe this man... Let's call him shawn...Shawn is 6ft 4...he's what most ladies would call attractive..but he wasn't really my type...he was, I must admit..easy on the eye...

Back to the story...he kissed me (I was wearing a strapless black knee length dress, I had taken my jacket off) pulled my dress down and planted his lips on my body responded had been a while since I'd been with a man...but reason returned when his hand crept up my thigh...I pushed him away adjusted my clothing and bade him a curt goodnight!..he was full of apologies..but I was already on my way out...when I got home I went over the events of the evening...Shawn was scheduled to travel back to his substation the following I felt that was the end of it...I was so wrong. be continued...