Saturday, September 5, 2009

New beginnings....Pt 3

It was the most improbable thing!..

In the history of the company such a thing had never happened...Shawn was transferred from his substation to the head didn't end there..we would be working closely in monitoring the other supervisors...I received this news with mixed feelings...I enjoyed his lovemaking but could we really work together without people catching on that we were "screwing around"?..well, It was out of my hands...the first couple of weeks saw us settling down to a work routine...but we didn't get chances alone unlike we didn't have any sexual encounters until we were given a new regional head...the date for his visit came and boy! Was I running late!...

I came in when everyone was already seated...I managed to get a seat I looked up and our eyes breath caught in my throat.. I was looking at the sexiest man I had laid eyes make matters worse he smiled...I swear my heart skipped a beat..I was mesmerized...suddenly I had this feeling like I was being watched...I glanced across the room and my eyes met Shawn's...his expression was like none I'd ever seen before...he looked like he would skin me alive if he got the chance...the meeting ended and my boss introduced Shawn and I to our regional head..Eric Johnson...when he took my hand I could have sworn he held unto it a bit longer than usual but I couldn't be sure...I could feel the heat of Shawn's gaze...I just prayed he wouldn't embarass a such babies..

We had a meeting with one of our clients for later that evening..and since it was a long drive out the company got us rooms in the a guest inn close to the venue....throughout the meeting shawn was so could cut through the tension with a knife...the meeting ended and we were in the car on our way to the guest inn when Shawn turned to me and said in a barely audible voice "so are you going to fuck him too?"...I was appalled..I didn't say a word...the last thing I wanted was to exchange words with him in the presence of the the time we got to the hotel I was livid!..I stormed to my room...he jogged to catch up..calling out my name...I almost ran to my room opened the door and had almost shut it behind me when he pushed it open marched in locked the door and turned angrily to me..I was so angry I charged at him..he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall..I must admit I was a bit scared but my eyes were spitting venom...he stared at me, his body trembling with barely concealed rage..all of a sudden rage turned to desire..he kissed me long and hard..initially I struggled but I eventually gave in...he practically tore my clothes off and I returned the favour...soon we were naked..he carried me over to the bed, he dumped me was obvious his anger was returning, he yelled at me..said I have been avoiding him and that I was just using him to slake my lust..he suddenly burst into tears...I was amazed..and very amused, I couldn't believe this 6ft 3 hunk was crying because I didn't pay him attention...things went downhill from there...needless to say..nothing happened that night..

I was quite disappointed.

.......To be continued.....

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  1. Whew! Interesting blog. Looking out for the rest of d story